Investoom Launch Announcement

Investoom Launch Announcement

Munich, October 25, 2021 - Munich-based fintech startup Investoom announces it is launching an AI-powered investment solution for retail and institutional investors.

Investoom enables investors to get an overview of crowd sentiment on the social web for their assets, so that investors have a new data source for data-driven investment decision-making which could significantly improve investment decisions.

To analyze sentiment on the social web, Investoom uses millions of real-time data sets across the internet, which are analyzed with the latest machine learning models to provide highly advanced sentiment analysis.

"Alternative data, specifically sentiment analysis, is a data source that institutional investors have had access to for quite some time now, but these trading signals have been inaccessible to retail investors, and that's exactly what Investoom wants to change as we are democratizing the access to quantitative investment insights," said Spyridon Dangas, co-founder of Investoom.

Co-founders Investoom - Konstantin Paulus (left), Spyridon Dangas (right)

"Before starting Investoom, I did research in the area of natural language processing and stock predictions and analyzed leading literature in this area and then compared it to our solution. We managed to develop a sentiment solution that can compete with leading literature and significantly outperform the market." - Konstantin Paulus, technical co-founder of Investoom.

Investoom's investment insights will be initially made available via a newsletter. All early subscribers will be given an exclusive offer once the investment platform is launched.

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