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Data-powered Investment Insights for retail investors!

Get a weekly data-powered investment analysis similar to what big hedge funds use, providing you an information edge, for free!

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We provide data-powered investment research for retail investors.

The value we create

With our weekly in-depth investment analysis, you gain the following benefits every week

of manual investment research
of premium investment research for free
cost for you to access our

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How you can benefit

With Investoom you gain access to premium investment insights in an easily understandable way, while saving hundreds of research hours and gaining an information edge.

Gain Access to Hedge Fund Insights

Gain access to premium investment insights and research typically reserved for hedge funds that pay top dollar for. Our data-driven analyses will give you a competitive edge without the premium price tag.

Save Hundreds of Research Hours

Save hundreds of hours on research with our in-depth market analyses delivered straight to your inbox. Our team of experts tirelessly explores investment opportunities, so you don't have to.

Get Complex Insights Simplified

Don't let complex investment jargon intimidate you. We break down complex concepts into easily understandable insights. Making informed decisions has never been this simple.

Gain the Ultimate Information Edge

With our exclusive research and up-to-date data, you'll gain a crucial information edge over other investors. Stay ahead of the others and improve your ROI with Investoom's powerful investment research.

Our Approach

We combine data-powered insights such as from sentiment, onchain and financial data, with in-depth manual research to offer insights similar to those used by big funds. In short: Data Insights + in-depth research = Big fund level insights!

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Who's behind Investoom

Meet the Co-founders of Investoom.

Konstantin & Spyridon

Co-founders of Investoom

It is time for a change. Our mission is to democratize the access to professional quantitative investment insights. For that, we combine in-depth research with data to deliver a professional edge.

What our investors say

Carlos R.


Well researched content combined with data-driven insights, really great and valuable combo! Keep up the good work!

Kathie L.

Retail Investor

I really like the mission of investoom to make professional investment insights accessible. That is something I was looking for since a long time!

Michael Warten


Finally I'm able to get a feeling about how people are thinking about a certain asset, without wasting hours manually scanning social media.

Sophie M.

Crypto Investor

Investoom is adding a completely new view on my analysis so that I can take my investment decisions with much more certainty.